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What We Do

We develop strong partnerships with our clients, getting to the heart of their individual challenges and needs.

This enables us to design an occupational health package tailored to you.

We work onsite, online and across the UK to give you an integrated experience that works for your teams and your business.

Our comprehensive range of occupational health services help businesses in all sectors reduce risks in the workplace, invest in health and wellness and boost workforce productivity.

Take a look at our occupational health services as well as our specialist services below, to see how we can help you do the same.

Our Services

Working onsite and online, we provide an integrated experience for your people and your business, wherever you are in the UK.

Sickness Absence Management

Health Partners’ sickness absence management service aims to help clients reduce their absence levels and associated costs. We offer HR and managers specialist OH support to overcome barriers to sustained return to work. By forming effective partnerships, we provide clients with support, advice and guidance to help manage individual cases promptly and effectively. We also provide employees access to wellbeing and health promotion services and support to help them to remain in good health and at work. Our services include:

  • Day one absence service
  • Case management referrals
  • Immediate advice options
  • Rehabilitation case management
  • Ill-health retirement assessments.

Consultancy & Hygiene Services


At Health Partners we offer our consultancy services to senior management, Human Resources and Health and Safety along with comprehensive and expert workplace health consultancy services including the following:

  • Chief Medical Officer support and consultancy, including strategic and organisational objective planning and implementation, along with sophisticated MI analysis and commentary
  • Organisational audit and policy review, including reviews of workplace policies, risk and work environments to ensure compliance
  • Health impact assessments by Consultants in Public Health.


We consider the health and wellbeing of employees to be as important as that of their safety, with occupational hygiene an essential service to assist organisations pro-actively understand and manage workplace health risks, by taking a wider view of workplaces and considering how an individual’s health may be impacted.

Our services in this area include:

  • Strategy development, risk identification, monitoring and analysis
  • The application of strategic, analytical and technical skills in the management of health risks across a wide range of workplace health exposures
  • Working with clients to identify, assess and help control exposure to harmful substances, physical hazards and other health risks in the workplace.

Wellbeing & Health Promotion

Our wellbeing experts have developed and delivered numerous award-winning, innovative and effective wellbeing, health education and promotion, strategy and campaigns for our clients. Our approach delivers measurable benefits to clients and their employees. Our services include:

  • A wealth of wellbeing and health education programmes delivered onsite by our physiologist and wellbeing teams, through your own wellbeing champions or digitally through our apps and online platforms
  • An integrated approach to wellbeing with occupational health, learning and development services to help colleagues to manage specific life events, return to health following illness or simply to access information and support, to help them reach their personal goals. We offer:
    • Consultancy advice and the creation of wellbeing programmes
    • An annual calendar of events and monthly e-newsletters
    • Wellbeing collateral, webinars, video blogs and topical ad hoc updates
    • Physiologist services/wellbeing advisor/support to your internal wellbeing champions
    • Wellbeing /health champion workshops
    • Your choice of onsite, digital, information-based campaigns and collateral linked with national campaigns
    • Management information and support for behavioural change programmes
    • A range of health screens.

Health Risk Management

Health Partners’ useful occupational health advice line is available to managers and HR for any colleague health-related questions you may have.

We offer clients trackable pre-placement questionnaires and assessments, either online or in paper format, along with telephone/face-to-face screening as required. Our easy-to-use system assesses prospective candidates’ fitness-for-work via occupation and risk-based assessments. They can be used effectively at both initial recruitment into the client and/or prior to a specific work placement.

Health Partners offers our clients significant expertise in advising on the content, periodicity and in the planning and delivery of health surveillance, fitness-to-work work assessment programmes and associated health risk management. Our experience includes delivering successful programmes of services to some of the most complex, geographically dispersed organisations across the UK. Our services include:

  • Occupational health advice line
  • New starter questionnaires and assessments
  • Health surveillance and fitness to work
  • Workplace assessments including neurodiverse assessments
  • Travel Health, Immunisations and flu
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Overseas medical support and service delivery
  • Occupational hygiene
  • Biological monitoring and laboratory services
  • Chief Medical Officer COVID-19 strategic advice on safe workplaces
  • COVID-19 clinical assessments
  • A range of COVID-19 testing.

Emotional Wellbeing Services

Mental health is increasingly on the agenda for employers. It not only makes business and moral sense, it is also a legal imperative to provide support for the mental health of your colleagues. 

Health Partners’ holistic model offers employers and colleagues a range of evidence-based solutions to effectively manage mental health problems in the workplace, helping to keep colleagues at work or return them to health and work sooner. And as we know – good work is good for you. Our approach incorporates wrap-around solutions to meet mental health issues head on, at every stage. Our services include:

  • Employee Assistance Programme
  • Counselling, CBT and cCBT
  • Clinical psychological and psychiatric assessment and treatment
  • Mental health training and resilience.


Musculoskeletal Services

Over 30% of all cases referred to our team of healthcare professionals relate to musculoskeletal health. We offer comprehensive support, advice and assessments to help colleagues either remain in work or return to work promptly and safely where possible. Services are available online, onsite, in-clinic and telephonically throughout the UK. Our services include:

  • Ergonomic assessments
  • Physiotherapy treatment services, including online, onsite and local clinic based
  • Guided exercise programmes
  • Training.

Primary Care Services

Health Partners has extensive experience in supporting large, complex organisations via the provision of primary care services. These include:

  • Primary care, treatment and medication
  • Virtual/face to face GP services
  • First responder and emergency care
  • Medication advice line.

Training Services

Health Partners helps our clients to improve organisational performance and colleague wellbeing and engagement via our training and education services. These can be delivered onsite and digitally as standalone or integrated campaigns with other internal Learning and Development programmes. Training includes:

  • Health, wellbeing and lifestyle awareness
  • Mental health, musculoskeletal awareness and training
  • Specialist training including TMIC, first aid, manual handling, etc.


We understand that individuals are unique and take a holistic approach to provide support for neurodivergent individuals within the workplace. This covers conditions such as ADHD, Autism, Dyspraxia (known as DCD), Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Tourette Syndrome. We also support individuals with varying needs including hearing, visual and cognitive impairments, and mental health needs.

We offer comprehensive assessment, support, and advice to help colleagues within the workplace. Services are available online, onsite, in-clinic and telephonically throughout the UK and Ireland. Our services include:

  • Screener for neurodiverse conditions
  • Diagnostic Assessments
  • Workplace Needs Assessment
  • Training and Coaching
  • Specialist Equipment
  • Consultancy support for organisations

Sector Experience

Business Services

Health Partners’ wide-ranging experience ensures we provide our business services clients with tailored occupational health solutions that provide tangible results. Our clinicians ensure impartial assessments with robust advice and our service leadership teams provide sophisticated and useful management information analysis and commentary.

Charity & Third Sector

Health Partners understands that day-to-day operational challenges and work context in the charitable and third sector can be very challenging. Our insight in the sector enables us to provide support to the rich diversity of employees and promote organisational efficiency.

We work with clients to understand their challenges, design and deliver services that look after their most precious resource – their employees – to protect organisational performance.

Construction & Infrastructure

Health Partners supports many of the UK’s largest and most complex construction projects. We monitor workforce health, assist with legal compliance and promote wellbeing throughout each construction phase. We provide primary care, health education and training, occupational health and wellbeing services targeted to the needs of each worker group.

Our specialist construction clinical team, led by Dr Chris Pugh FFOM, designs, resources and manages services to meet the requirements of each project. Services are delivered flexibly through embedded onsite teams, mobile health clinics, as well as via remotely based clinical teams.

We work with clients to identify site health risks, ensure that employees stay healthy and fit and work to evidence improvement in the overall health and safety performance of each project. All services are supported by robust systems that enable good quality management information and analysis of health data.


Health Partners works with several key UK defence organisations, onsite at multiple locations. Our responsive account management and Chief Medical Officer overview ensures a joined-up, holistic service no matter where a colleague is located.


Health Partners works with both further and higher education institutions and support organisations. We understand the musculoskeletal and emotional wellbeing issues that arise, particularly with teachers/lecturers and our early intervention methodology ensures colleagues are seen early, encouraging an earlier return to full health.

Emergency Services

Emergency Services: Fire, Police & Ambulance

Health Partners works with numerous fire & rescue, police and ambulance services as well as several large companies requiring primary care and first responder services. We understand the musculoskeletal and emotional wellbeing issues that arise and our early intervention methodology ensures colleagues are seen early, encouraging an earlier return to full health.

Healthcare & NHS

Clinician-led, Health Partners understands the challenges faced by the NHS and healthcare organisations. Our clients’ employees trust our clinicians to provide expert service and we support this through efficient customer service and account management.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Health Partners understands how crucial compliance is to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of colleagues. We provide health surveillance and fitness-for-work reviews and audits, online and mobile unit/onsite health surveillance and a range of training and education to engage colleagues at every level.


No matter their location, Health Partners provides our clients with occupational health and wellbeing services. This can include travel advice and vaccinations/immunisations, EAP, counselling and full occupational health services.

Professional, Financial & Insurance

Health Partners has extensive experience of working with many of the UK's top professional services, financial and insurance organisations. We provide bespoke advice and assessment services tailored to the unique needs and demands of these sectors.

We take a partnership approach, integrating our services with employee benefits and internal wellbeing initiatives, to promote a positive culture of health and wellbeing, helping colleagues at all levels to make informed lifestyle choices to remain well.

These specialist assessment and wellbeing services support engagement programmes and help our clients effectively manage the impact of ill health on their organisations.

Media, Technology & Telecoms

In a sector where timing is everything, we offer proactive account management and Chief Medical Officer advice, supporting clients to help keep their colleagues well and at work. Included in our services are a range of online and in-person health assessments to ensure the wellbeing of colleagues at all levels.

Public Sector

Public Sector (central and local government)

Health Partners understands the public sector’s resource, economic and service delivery challenges. Our team of occupational health and wellbeing professionals offers relevant experience in supporting diverse public sector employers. We help to minimise the impact of ill health on organisational efficiency by raising the profile of health and wellbeing, which also improves colleague engagement.

We offer cost-effective, flexible referral services providing access to competent clinicians. We provide robust advice to employees to help themselves return to health, as well as specific advice to managers enabling them to promptly and effectively manage each case.

Retail & Leisure

Health Partners works closely with managers and HR to engage and empower employees to take charge of their own health and wellbeing, via digital wellbeing tools, e-newsletters and advice. We offer online pre-placement questionnaires, manager training to improve referral quality and robust advice.


Health Partners offers a wealth of expertise in the design and delivery of occupational health and wellbeing services, targeted to the specific needs of the transport sector. Services are provided remotely as well as via embedded teams based on site, tailoring support, assessment and advice to each key risk group.


Health Partners offers expertise and experience in the provision of effective occupational health and wellbeing services to the power and utility sectors. We support many of the UK’s progressive power and utility sector organisations with bespoke occupational health programmes, helping them to manage the diverse risk profile and geography of employee groups.

Our innovative occupational health and wellbeing strategies and services support compliance requirements and boost operational performance and colleague engagement.

Accountability runs through everything we do and we take care of the relationships we build with clients and colleagues alike.

Our Accreditations, Certifications & Memberships

Every member of our team plays a key role in meeting the exacting expectations and standards set by these quality benchmarks.
Health Partners (the new name for Duradiamond Healthcare) currently holds the following accreditations/certifications:

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