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We’re advancing workplace healthcare

At Health Partners we combine expert advice and clinical services with smart systems to deliver impact driven health programmes, tailored to improve people’s wellbeing and performance.

Expert advice & clinical services means our clinicians are at the heart of our business, ensuring the advice and services we provide meet the real needs of employees

What we do

Sickness Absence Management

Consultancy & Hygiene Services

Wellbeing & Health Promotion

Health Risk Management

Emotional Wellbeing Services

Musculoskeletal Services

Primary Care Services

Training Services

Specialist Services


Mission Statement

To help people be their best

How do we do that?

At Health Partners we work hard to help people be their best, by making positive and measurable differences to the quality of people’s health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Because we know every business works better when people are at their best.

We’re here to make a positive and measurable difference to the quality of people’s health and wellbeing. Because we believe that businesses work better when everyone is at their best.

When people were not at their best, the UK lost 141 million days to sickness absence. Coughs and colds accounted for approximately 38.5 million of those days. Musculoskeletal conditions caused 27.8 million days lost. Mental health issues resulted in 12.4 million days lost. The largest workforces report highest sickness levels.*

The annual economic costs of sickness absence and worklessness is estimated to be over £100 billion.†

* Source: Office for National Statistics (2018)
† Source: Department for Work and Pensions (2016-17)

Coughs & colds 38.5 million days lost

Musculoskeletal conditions 27.8 million days lost

Mental health issues 12.4 million days lost

Reduce risk, improve wellness and boost productivity with our corporate health and wellbeing services.

Train with us at our new
Health Partners Academy

For registered healthcare professionals interested in retraining as Remote Case Managers in Occupational Health.

Contact us at 

Our CORE values guide our actions and behaviours

Caring Matters

We take care of our clients and each other, listening and learning what matters most to them, respecting their opinions and always making people feel part of something special.

One Team

We work as one team actively encouraging collaboration, idea generation and knowledge sharing to achieve the best outcomes for our clients and the business.

Great Relationships

We build trusted relationships; working together and supporting each other to achieve more. We share each other’s ambitions, treat each other with respect and help each other grow.

Excellence All Round

We stay grounded, keep our promises and are accountable for our actions. We’ll always do what we believe is the right thing to do, work hard to improve and maintain the high standards we set ourselves.

Helping people be their best – The Numbers

700 Members of staff

488 Clinicians

41 Doctors

2.1m Client employees covered

31 Mobile units

76 Onsite Clinics

99.7% Client retention

500+ Clients across the UK

Our People

Meet the team

Get in touch

If you would like more information about our full range of services please call us today on 01273 023131 or email us

Our Accreditations, Certifications & Memberships

Every member of our team plays a key role in meeting the exacting expectations and standards set by these quality benchmarks.
Health Partners currently holds the following accreditations and certifications:

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