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Social Impact

We live in a time of unacceptable and growing health inequality. The social circumstances that an individual is born into now accounts for decades of differing life expectancies.

While at Health Partners, we alone cannot level up this health gradient, we are uniquely positioned to influence healthier workplace cultures that have positive ripple effects throughout people’s lives and communities.

By proactively supporting healthier attitudes and lifestyles, we promote optimal well-being. Because knowledge is power, our education programmes - extended to patients, staff and customers - give people greater agency to thrive.

This philosophy is applied throughout our business and extends to our network of suppliers, adding value where we can.

We are proud to pay our taxes and to support a wide range of social programmes. And of course, we source transparently, ethically, and sustainably.  

The issues we face are immense. By fostering a culture of respect, equality & diversity, we want to show how it is possible to build a business with soul and passion for the benefit of all.

Advancing workplace healthcare to make a positive and measurable difference

Utilising Public Health England’s research that provided data on lifestyle risk factors and issues that impact on morbidity as below, our physiologists from three client sites worked in partnership with our clients and each other to construct a unique 12-week nutrition, physical activity, and wellbeing programme, one that could be adopted by any type of employee to aid them in their quest to become healthier.

Public Health England morbidity data

During the programme, a different lifestyle element was the focus each week, consisting of an audio presentation and an information handout on the specific topic. The programme had 31 participants who were given a food, activity and mood diary and a weekly nutrition task/challenge relating to the topic of the week.

The results of the 12-week programme showed that the combination of nutritional advice and a structured exercise programme contributed to significant health improvements (reductions) in systolic blood pressure, resting pulse, weight, Body Mass Index, hip and waist circumference and body fat percentage. These improvements will overall reduce participants risk of illness and disease (i.e., hypertension and overweight/obesity), when excluding hereditary factors.

Further, employee feedback throughout the programme highlighted the positive impact the programme has made to their sleep (hygiene), mood, energy levels, concentration, and work output, impacting both their professional and personal lives. An attainable work-life balance in turn better enforces a good overall quality of life, which in turn can help reduce both absenteeism and presenteeism.

With an abundance of data highlighting the importance and impact a health programme can have on an individual’s life – both professionally and personally, its value within the work environment becomes clearly apparent.

Building better careers

Health Partners now have a large number of apprenticeships in training programmes within the company either working towards their ATT or CIMA Level 7 qualifications. Each has joined us as they want to develop their skills and training alongside working in a business. Apprenticeships are a structured training programme that give young school leavers a fantastic start into working life.

In turn, their energy and enthusiasm to learn encourages our teams to share, coach and mentor younger members, a positive experience for all.

‘The main reason why I wanted to join the apprenticeship scheme is so I can get a good level of education alongside working within the industry myself. It allows me to earn a wage and learn on the job at the same time, gaining more experience than I would do if I was doing just the course. The course is going well as passed my first year and on course to pass my second year and I cannot wait to start my last level as an AAT apprenticeship student.’ 
CC, Finance Apprentice.

Each year Health Partners also sponsor nurses to complete their OH degrees, a fantastic opportunity for all those joining our area of health services. Every year a number of nurses are successful in being sponsored by Health Partners to start their degree training.

Supporting those who served

In 2020 Health Partners engaged with the CTP and signed up to the Armed Forces Covenant, whereby we committed to actively recruiting ex Service personnel and training them to provide them with quality jobs after they left the Army, Navy or Air Force.

We run a Forces Forum for those who were ex members or have family in one of the services to informally support and help each other, this is chaired by our Head of Client Services who was in an infantry regiment for ten years.

One of our recent joiners said

Health Partners have been supportive beyond my expectations.

The variety of roles I have fulfilled in the RAF, and the varied clinical exposure had given me a solid grounding for a career in occupational health and leaving the job security and familiarity of the RAF, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and the UKs first lockdown was very daunting. …. From the start HP were amazing, from my new team leader who delivered the majority of my training, the administrative staff who helped me navigate the business processes, to the senior clinicians who answered all my queries as I navigated the transition from military medicine to ‘civvy street’.

Having suitably impressed with my work ethic and output [my manager] saw fit to take a chance and I was mentored into a [new] role. The shift was gradual and controlled, and I was given constructive feedback throughout. Health Partners have been supportive beyond my expectations, helping me navigate the nuances between military writing techniques and considerations in the workplace compared to civilian standards.

Without this support and patience I doubt I would have made such a quick and successful transition from military life and that support continues now, over 12 months later, when I occasionally slip back into ‘military mode’ I am coached and supported by my colleagues; other OHAs and Administrative staff, my team leaders, the Head of Case Management, The Chief Nursing Officer, and the Physicians, all of whom have been very approachable and supportive throughout.”
TB, Occupational health advisor

Creating Economic value through our taxes

Ensuring that taxes are applied and paid to HMRC and other bodies is a key responsibility for Health Partners.

Where we do not have in house expertise, we use external advisers to ensure we comply with our obligations.  As one of the largest independent healthcare providers in the UK, the taxes collected and paid are substantial.

The UK economy receives the cash equivalent to 27% of Health Partners’ sales, compared to the shareholders who even today after an 18-year commitment receive just 2% of the company’s sales and currently this is all re-invested, creating more jobs and more funding for the economy.

In 2020 Health Partners paid £7.9 million in taxes, which equates to providing 250 nurses in the NHS or places for almost 2000 secondary school children.

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