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The Health Partners Foundation

The Health Partners Foundation

'We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give’
Winston Churchill

Giving back to society is a key pillar of our business purpose. We know that helping others makes us happier* and giving is good for us. It places the importance of our work in the context of some of the key issues facing our world.

Our foundation is funded through our Give as you Earn Scheme, Salary Sacrifice and of course company contributions.

 We don’t donate money in blind faith. We work with smart organisations to ensure our gifts have as great an impact as possible. We invest in programmes with clearly defined and measurable outcomes that harmonise with our core beliefs.

We like to focus our giving on health, education and children, and work with other donor organisations (in particular and to ensure our giving is as effective as possible.

Our current programmes, support the education of girls in sub-Saharan Africa via the award winning Camfed Charity (Campaign for Female Education) . We also support special schools in Sri Lanka via an inspirational group at

Although we like to limit the number of projects we support and build a deep relationship with them, we welcome new opportunities and ideas to expand our work in these areas.

 *Please watch this collection of, if you are not sure.

When you educate a girl, everything changes’

CAMFED is a pan African charity revolutionising how girls’ education is delivered and has supported over 4 million girls through a network of partner schools in five countries.

In partnership with CAMFED Tanzania we have contributed towards secondary education for girls, while 75% of girls enter primary education in many sub-Saharan African countries, only 8% complete secondary school. By encouraging and facilitating completion, evidence shows that she will earn 25% more, she will reinvest 90% of that in her family, she will be 3 times less likely to become HIV positive, she will have a smaller family in whom she will invest in their education and she will have the confidence to resist gender based discrimination and violence.

She'll earn up to 25% more per year of secondary school

She'll reinvest 90% of her earnings in her family

She'll be 3 times less likely to become HIV positive

She'll marry later and have a smaller, healthier family

She'll invest in her children's education and support their studies

She'll resist gender-based violence and discrimination, and change her community from within

Smile Sri Lanka

Health Partners has donated to and supported Smile, a not for profit organisation focused on developing and supporting, underprivileged and orphaned children in Sri Lanka.

Children’s rights include the right to health, education, family life, play and recreation. Not all children are privileged to have all of these or an adequate standard of living. Whether labelled as disadvantaged, orphaned, low-income or at-risk, under-privileged children often lack basic life necessities and access to resources for dealing with family related issues .

Smile Sri Lanka provides education for street children. It helps assist with language skills (English), basic computer skills and artistic skills while supporting those most in need with guidance, special educational and emotional support.

Most orphans in Sri Lanka are sent out of homes when they turn 18, and the probability of them being ready to face the 'real world' is very low. Smile’s programmes are designed to provide counselling and guidance to these children and provide them with the same direction and support as they would have received from a parent of their own.

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