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Modern slavery is defined as the illegal exploitation of people for personal or commercial gain. Health Partners are committed to the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and although we are not a ‘qualifying business’ (as we are below the minimum requirements of publicly reporting) we have produced the following statement to confirm our abhorrence of slavery, bonded labour, human trafficking or any other form of coerced labour in our own business and that of our supply chain.

Health Partners are a provider of occupational health, physiotherapy, mental health and specialist training services, based in the United Kingdom. We believe in the fundamental rights of individuals. We declare that we will not abide any compulsory working practices; bonded or forced labour; child labour; or modern slavery, in any aspect of our supply chain or business operations, as we believe in an individual’s fundamental rights at work, as defined by the ILO Declaration.

We comply with the requirements of the United Nations’ Global Compact and are externally audited to accredited corporate social responsibility standards to ensure transparency and assure our clients, their employees, or any other interested party of our commitment to these standards.

We build relationships with our employees, customers and business partners based on trust, respect, accountability, and professionalism. We wish to conduct all our business affairs with integrity, transparency, and honesty.

Our ‘Business ethics and corporate social responsibility’ policy sets out our commitment to assess and address the risks of violations of human trafficking and the modern slavery law. We have introduced other policies, procedures and mandatory training that contribute to ensuring modern slavery does not occur in our business or supply chain and we expect our business partners to adopt and enforce their own policies to comply with the legislation.

Our business partners must undergo specific due diligence before we will contract with them, which includes checking all human rights and working practices within their businesses.

Training in corporate social responsibility, which includes modern slavery, forms part of every new employees’ induction and all existing staff are required to complete the training module too.

Jac Crang, Governance Director, 1st June 2021

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