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Health Partners offer our valued clients and their colleagues information, advice and guidance to help you manage during this challenging time.

Our pages will be updated on a regular basis in response to changes in the COVID-19 environment - so keep coming back to take a look.

Our Covid-19 Services:

Employers now face unique and complex challenges in:

  1. Understanding how to determine the level of risk their workforce may face from COVID-19
  2. Returning staff to work after periods of self-isolation or when business returns to a more normal state.

Effective planning and preparation is essential for business continuity planning, and we can help with bespoke services to:

  • Carry out a short clinical assessment, which will determine the level of risk or vulnerability each employee may have from COVID-19 infection.
  • Carry out a short clinical assessment to support your workforce to return to work after periods of self-isolation, assumed or confirmed COVID illness, or simply when the workplace reopens.

The pandemic has presented us with unprecedented psychological challenges and we also know that chronic disease management has effectively paused. These services will also identify employees who will benefit from further medical assessment or psychological support.

Sleep: key to your physical & emotional wellbeing

With COVID-19, most of us are experiencing unexpected changes in the way we live and the way we work; we are having to adapt very quickly.

 Good sleep can be one of the main casualties.

 Let’s look at sleep and how we can improve it.

Take a look

COVID-19 and coping with anxiety

These are certainly challenging times.

Most of us are experiencing unexpected changes in the way we live and the way we work; we are having to adapt very quickly.

Let’s look at some tips to deal with the anxiety we may be feeling about it all...

Coronavirus (Covid-19): Getting Tested

Guidance on Coronavirus Testing for essential workers who are self-isolating:

One of the most challenging things about COVID-19 is the uncertainty: not knowing who has the infection or when it’s safe to return to normal life. Good-quality testing can help provide greater certainty.

As part of the government’s 5-pillar strategy for COVID-19 testing, they are testing people who have coronavirus-like symptoms to see if they currently have the virus.

Who can be tested?

The priority is testing patients to inform their clinical diagnosis. In addition, we are now also testing:

  • Essential workers with symptoms
  • People who live with essential workers and have symptoms.

This means essential workers can find out whether they have the virus, and they can be helped to return to work if they test negative. Testing is most effective within three days of symptoms developing.

Please note that this applies to England only. There is separate guidance for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Asthma, COPD & COVID-19

Health Partners OH Physician, Dr Emma Bennett, discusses asthma, COPD and how people with these conditions can stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Infection Protection & Control at Home


This document provides guidance on infection prevention and control (IPC) measures for people with suspected or confirmed coronavirus disease (COVID-19) who are experiencing mild symptoms that do not require hospitalisation, therefore self-isolating at home.

Ensure your actions are in line with Public Health England advice.

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